Today we’ve got a comic from ‘Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates' artist MJ Wallace:



MJ says:

I’m firmly in the “Yes” camp, and I just found it interesting how recently my street had a completely silent (and slightly passive aggressive) indyref stand-off. I’ve seen many discussions…



Yes No Maybe by Avril Smart

Something a little different today, we have a performance comic by Avril Smart.

Avril explains:

I am a Yes supporter. I drew this comic for a performance, purely to vent my frustrations about the referendum. Westminster politicians trying to be our best friend but threatening to be our worst enemy, the lies on the front page and the retractions on page 7, the torrents of ‘better together’ propaganda by supposedly impartial media sources, ‘project fear’, and the idea that all Yes supporters must be both stupid and anti-English.  

Wondering what on earth a ‘performance comic’ is? Pioneered in Scotland by Dundee University’s Damon Herd, comics performances seem to have really taken off in the Scottish comics scene. You can find out more about them at

Also, you can see more of Avril’s work on her online porfolio.

TGC’s Avril Smart and Gill Hatcher have both contributed to the Comic Soapbox Scotland project. They are open for submissions from all sides of the debate, so get writing and drawing! 

We can’t wait for Glasgow Comic Con this weekend! There’s just so much stuff going on. First of all, this is the first big outing for our 10th issue since the launch party last week, and it’s great to see that two of our guest contributors, Kate Charlesworth and Hannah Berry, are guests at the con. Our table is in the Art School venue alongside lots of other great local creators.

Some of our regular contributors are also launching brand new books. Look out for The Beginner’s Guide to Being Outside by Gill Hatcher, Cacachute Comics #2 by Coralie Bouguerra and Rollerskates and Breakfast Dates by MJ Wallace

Gill’s book has been nominated for two SICBA awards, under the categories ‘Best Comic or Graphic Novel’ and ‘Best Writer’. You can vote for her in the SICBA reading room in the CCA any time on the Saturday. There is a panel discussion with all the Best Comic nominees on Saturday at 12pm. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! Don’t be shy, we love meeting new people so just come over and say hi!


"Team Girl Comic Issue 10" Brings Together Over 20 Women Comic Creators


“Team Girl Comic Issue 10″ Brings Together Over 20 Women Comic Creators

by rory midhani

by rory midhani

Team Girl Comic Issue 10 starts with a short comic by Gill Hatcher and Claire Yvette (the editors) telling the story of how Team Girl Comiccame to be. According to the legend, it all started a long, long time ago (2009) in a mystical and magical kingdom (Glasgow) when Hatcher was selling her DIY comics and noticed the lack of other women making comics. She soon gathered other…

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